About MMLG

Aaron Lachant, Board Chair Aaron Lachant, a Nelson Hardiman partner, serves as the chair of MMLG’s board. MMLG developed under the leadership of the Nelson Hardiman law firm, which in 2009 became one of if not the first group of serious business and regulatory attorneys to advise on medical marijuana issues. The firm’s Regulated Substances practice emerged out of discussions with the leadership of the Drug Policy Alliance and academics about the need for serious compliance expertise that went beyond what criminal defense attorneys and industry activists were providing. Under Aaron Lachant’s leadership, the firm became an integral partner to cultivators, dispensers, manufacturers, investors, and even government in developing a framework for compliance and safety. Aaron has become a trusted and respected authority on the complexities of marijuana laws, advising investors, dispensers, cultivators, product manufacturers, and others. His work with local and state government has played a singular role in shaping the path of California marijuana laws.

Teddy Blum, Executive Director Teddy Blum runs the day-to-day operations of MMLG. Prior to joining MMLG, Teddy served as Vice President at Liberty SBF, a real estate financing company. Teddy is a 2008 graduate of the University of Colorado and completed a MBA at the UCLA Anderson School of Management in 2016. His leadership of the MMLG team draws on his hyper-focused attention to detail in providing the most reliable support services to clients.