December 13, 2017

Los Angeles Forges Path for Recreational Marijuana Sales on “Historic Day”

“Let’s make history,” said Los Angeles city council president, Herb Wesson. And with that and his council’s unanimous passage of cannabis industry regulations, LA is set to become one of the country’s largest recreational marijuana markets. While there are still plenty of regulations and compliance matters on the state level –that you can read all about here—┬áthis news was met with plenty of deserved excitement within the Golden State’s growing cannabis industry.

Primary amongst the regulatory matters is the matter of prioritizing Los Angeles’ medical dispensaries who could be eligible in time for the January 1, 2018 launch date of the (potential) recreation bonanza. That matter is up to the city to expedite and it remains uncertain how the city will respond quickly enough. Another obstacle to consider is the sheer volume of applicants for the licenses and how many Los Angeles will initially dole out. According to city council sources that spoke to Marijuana Business Daily, that license figure could be a relatively paltry 390 retail licenses for now. Still, progress is progress, and Los Angeles is one major step closer to being open for recreational marijuana.