December 27, 2017

Los Angeles Won’t Accept Recreational Cannabis License Applications Until Jan. 3, 2018

While the Golden State will be opening its doors for the sale of recreational cannabis on January 1, 2018; California’s largest presumptive recreational market, Los Angeles, will not be accepting applications until January 3rd. “We are starting a process. This is something that is not going to happen overnight,” said Cat Packer, who heads L.A.’s Department of Cannabis Regulation to the Los Angeles Times. Packer’s sentiments mirror MMLG’s own Aaron Lachant’s statements to L.A.’s ABC 7 back in November:

Lo and behold, our own Aaron Lachant, Esq. was talking recently with the L.A. Times about the modest delay and the massive complexity that comes with organizing and regulating a swirling and rapidly evolving marketplace such as commercial recreational cannabis from the ground up.“A lot of the businesses are disappointed because they aren’t going to be able to participate on the first day,” said Lachant.

While the disappointment is palpable (and completely understandable), it’s imperative to remember that municipalities and the state of California are writing regulations and guidelines for cannabis growers, distributors, packagers and retailers from the ground up in what was largely a heretofore unregulated market. For a business owner to legally participate in the projected “green rush,” they will need to be in compliance with their local municipal guidelines as well as state regulations. These are the sorts of things that take time. Los Angeles earlier this month unanimously passed the initial regulations and guidelines that will have to be met by would-be L.A. “canna-business” owners.

For applicants ready to hand in their paperwork come January 3rd, Cat Packer is anticipating a three-week processing period. Beyond that, it’s a little bit of wait and see. Business owners who want to ensure that they’re covered with the proper local and state regulations and licenses should feel welcome to contact MMLG.