November 21, 2017

MMLG’s co-founder on Los Angeles and California’s looming cannabis compliance and legalization deadlines: “This is a monumental task”

“Come January 1, 2018, California state law will require all commercial cannabis businesses to have state temporary licenses and to get one they’ll need a local permit,” says Aaron Lachant of MMLG when he was recently on ABC 7 in Los Angeles. The rub, of course, lies in the fact that Los Angeles and other municipalities across the Golden State are behind the eight ball in writing the compliance codes and regulations themselves. “It’s going to be a long process,” says Lachant. “The City of Los Angeles has been working really hard on it and it’s through no fault of their own [that this is taking so long]. It’s a monumental task. They are regulating an industry from the ground up for the first time. There’s no cookie cutter set of rules.”

While the regulations are being finalized there’s little for a cannabis business owner to do but wait. “With less than 60 days to go, we still don’t have a structure in place, and with that January 1st deadline fast approaching, the legal commercial cannabis businesses need local permits from the city in order to get licenses from the state by January 1.”

Watch the entire video to learn what Lachant has to say about what West Hollywood is doing right with its MJ businesses. Have questions about that upcoming January 1, 2018 deadline for your commercial cannabis business? Contact us via email or phone: 310.449.4528 and get the answers you need from the experts.

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